Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm picture

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Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm
Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm additional picture 1
Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm additional picture 2
Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm additional picture 3
Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm additional picture 4

Evoque Eco Medium Bamboo - 60cm x 40cm

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Item # Evoque Eco Medium - 60cm x 40cm
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Select your width (first dimension) and depth (second dimension) from the “Desired Product” drop down menu and the cost per module will automatically be entered. Then, using the additional drop down menus, choose the desired leg heights for each of the shelves above the base module to a maximum of 6 levels of storage (1x base module and up to 5 shelf modules).

The overall price is dependent on the number and size of the modules selected. Build your Evoque to the specification you require, then click “Add to Cart”. The total cost and an overview of your requirement can then be viewed in the “Shopping Cart”.

Evoque Eco Custom is made to order and cannot be returned if specified incorrectly. It is highly recommended that if you have any doubts about ordering this special support, contact your local Atacama retailer who will be happy to assist you.

To optimize the quality of Each Evoque Custom module, it is selected, cut, hand finished and then inspected by our own craftsmen at the UK based Atacama factory.

The Evoque Eco series has a choice of three standard shelf inner heights of 145mm, 195mm and 245mm with a 300mm stand-alone leg option pack available separately. Each leg is equipped with a fully adjustable 8mm solid nickel spike to allow for very precise levelling and twin ASIST (Atacama Sonic Isolation System technology) gaskets to aid isolation. To compliment ASIST, Mechanical grounding has been developed using precision cut carbon steel studs that are not in direct contact with the outer leg collar. This grounding is designed to allow any residual resonance in the support an escape route away from the sensitive electronic equipment, so allowing your system to perform to its maximum capability.

All the Bamboo used in Atacama ECO supports is manufactured and sourced directly from a single plantation which processes the raw material to Atacama’s exacting technical specifications. No fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in its growth and the species used is non-edible to people and animals. Once harvested (at approximately 5-7 years of age), the Bamboo trees continue to grow rapidly making them renewable and due to the high growth rate, extremely efficient at converting environmentally harmful Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen.

Bamboo, being a manufactured, composite, processed material allows Atacama to build in consistency in relation to performance. With traditional solid woods no two trees are the same, so species, country of origin, local growing conditions, wood density, growth rings and the different ages of the trees used may introduce a significant performance variable. This does not apply to Atacama Bamboo.

Bamboo also has the benefit of its unique micro pore growth structure offering both vibration absorbing and sound dampening properties and, unlike some solid woods, the shelf modules will not warp with age.


-Ecologically Sustainable-

Being a grass, Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet that when harvested will continue to grow allowing a new crop every 5 to 7 years. Because of this fast renewable growth, bamboo absorbs high levels of CO2.

-Carbon Neutral-

Because of its fast growth rate and high CO2 absorption, when factoring in processing, manufacturing and shipping Atacama bamboo remains a Carbon neutral material.

-Animal Friendly-

The type of Bamboo plant used in the Construction of Atacama supports is not a food source for humans or animal species (Panda friendly!)

Please note :-

Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age may give a variable appearance to each shelf. Because of this, adding an extra shelf at a later date will introduce a batch / colour tonal difference. Where possible order your Evoque as a complete modular support with enough levels to fulfil possible future requirements in order to minimize this variation. There may be some darkening of the Bamboo over time. This is normal and part of the wood maturing process.

The colours shown in the photography are a representation in a well-lit photo studio under artificial light. Do not attempt to use these pictures to close match with other woods and furnishings as colour, shading, room lighting and grain will be different.

Due to this being a custom made support, please allow up to 21 working days for delivery.

All Evoque ECO supports are made in the UK.

Due to manufacturing, shipping and packaging constraints, the Evoque ECO Custom is not available outside of the UK.