NEXXUS Series- Great value & upgradable Speaker Stands

Introducing the NeXXus Series, our first modular, upgradable, expandable speaker support system.

Three versions, each with seven height options ranging from 220mm to 1020mm in two colour choices are available, allowing you the opportunity to match the NeXXus speaker stand performance level to the speakers being supported.

Essential specification, offering great value, these stands are ideal for small to medium sized bookshelf speakers or surround sound applications.

HiFi Audio specification, perfect for the experienced hifi enthusiast with medium to high end hifi equipment looking to maximize domestic speaker performance as well as offering a practical, stable speaker support.

Pro Studio specification, for when only the best will do! Designed for professional studio applications, high end audiophile speakers or when active monitor speakers need supporting.

A comprehensive selection of optional top plate sizes are available to maximize the range of speakers that can be supported on NeXXus.

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Showing 1-3 of 3 results