ATACAMA HD-L Floor Spike Shoes (Supplied as a pack of 4)

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Atacama High Density spike shoes are supplied in packs of 4 and are made of a copper /zinc alloy construction. Each shoe features a location hole on the upper surface and is supplied with a non-slip E.P.D.M. elastomer membrane pad. This pad has been designed to act as a buffer between the spike shoe and the floor so giving additional protection to delicate floor coverings.

Two sizes of shoe are available, (High Density-Small) and HD-L (High Density Large)
The HD-S spike shoes has a diameter of 20mm making them most suitable for small to medium sized speaker stands. The HD-L version has a wider 25mm diameter, so can also accommodate heavier speaker stands and all Atacama/ Apollo racks that use floor spikes.

Atacama Spike shoes are available in a choice of two colours, Satin Black, or Nickel Silver.

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