Elite Eco 24 2 shelf Vinyl Storage Module Natural Bamboo

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The Atacama Elite Eco 24 two shelf Vinyl Storage module can be specified replacing a standard base module for the Elite Eco 24 reference series hifi rack, or if preferred, as a standalone record storage solution.

Any number of Elite single shelf modules can be placed upon the vinyl storage module up to the maximum recommended height of 1524mm (5ft).

Up to 3 Vinyl storage modules can be stacked upon each other if required.

Two colour options are available: natural bamboo and as a cost option, dark bamboo finish.

At the rear of the lower shelf is a record stop bar which can be removed if required so the full depth and height of the internal storage space can be utilized. This will then allow the lower shelf to be repurposed to support tall hifi equipment where the 335mm internal height is required.

The Elite Eco 24 Vinal Storage modules also features our new Three-Dimensional Advanced Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels (or 3D-A.V.R.D.C. for short!) and spiked feet for isolation.

Atacama recommends using HD-L spike shoes (which can be purchased separately) to protect delicate floor coverings.


Bamboo is a unique, natural material so will not match other woods.

The colours shown in the photography are a representation taken in a very well-lit photo studio under artificial light. Do not attempt to use these images to match with other woods and furnishings as batch colour, shading, room lighting, natural variation, and wood grain will be different. Even the differences between viewing screen types will make colour matching impossible.

Colour variation between modules will be present, with growth and knot marks seen in the wood. This is part of the natural beauty of solid bamboo and will not be considered a fault. Every bamboo rack is a unique piece of furniture with its own natural aesthetic variations, which is what makes each individual module unique.

As a (very!) rough guide, under normal home lighting conditions, typically Natural finish generally has a buttery like appearance with the Dark finish having a Dark chocolate look. THERE WILL BE VARIATIONS EVEN WITHIN THIS DESCRIPTION.

Atacama Elite Eco 24 Reference Series modules are designed and made in the UK.

Price shown is for the two-shelf vinyl storage module only.

Extra storage shelving can be ordered separately (see the Elite Eco 24 product listing).

Technical Specification

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