Elite Eco 24 Single Shelf 335mm Vinyl Storage Module Dark Bamboo

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Expand Your Elite Eco 24 HiFi Rack with the New 335mm Vinyl Storage Single Shelf Module!

Looking to add even more storage and versatility to your award-winning Elite Eco 24 HiFi rack?

Our brand new Elite Eco 24 335mm (internal height) vinyl storage module seamlessly integrates with a new or existing setup, offering a range of exciting possibilities:

  • Dedicated Vinyl Storage: This shelf provides the perfect amount of space to seamlessly integrate vinyl storage anywhere within your Elite Eco 24 rack.
  • Stackable Vinyl Solution: Combine two of these modules with the existing 2-shelf vinyl storage module to create a towering 3-level vinyl storage unit.
  • Extra-Tall Component Friendly: Need to accommodate taller HiFi components? The increased internal height of this shelf provides ample space.
  • Flexible HiFi Placement: Stack your HiFi separates neatly on a single shelf for a space-saving configuration.

Crafted for Performance and Style:

  • Advanced Vibration Control: Each shelf incorporates Atacama's signature 3D-AVDRC technology embedded within the carbonized bamboo panels, effectively reducing unwanted resonance.
  • Isolation Spikes: Brass/nickel-plated components and spikes minimize vibration transfer between modules.
  • Removable Record Bumper Rod: The included satin black carbon steel rod prevents your records from accidentally slipping out the back. Simply remove it if not required.

Available in Two Finishes:

  • Natural Bamboo
  • Dark Bamboo (cost option)

Natural Beauty: As a natural material, bamboo features unique tonal grain and colour variations between panels. This adds a touch of individuality to each module, highlighting its genuine bamboo construction.

Placement Options:

This shelf can be positioned on top of various Elite Eco 24 components, including:

  • Single Shelf Modules
  • 2-Shelf Vinyl Storage Modules
  • Base Modules

Elevate your HiFi experience with the enhanced functionality and timeless design of the new 335mm/ vinyl storage shelf module for your Elite Eco 24 rack!

Proudly Made in the UK

Maximum overall height of your rack support to not exceed 1524mm (60”)

Important Information Regarding Bamboo Colour Variation

Please note: Due to the unique nature of bamboo as a natural material, it may not perfectly match existing wood furniture. The images displayed on our website are captured under controlled studio lighting and may not accurately reflect the final appearance in your home. Colour variations can occur due to:

  • Batch colour: Bamboo shades can differ slightly between production runs.
  • Shading: Lighting variations within a room can affect the perceived colour of the bamboo.
  • Natural variation: Inherent grain patterns and colour variations are part of the natural beauty of bamboo.
  • Wood grain: Each piece of bamboo possesses a one-of-a-kind grain pattern.
  • Screen type: Different online viewing display screens can show colours with slight variations.

Embrace the Natural Beauty:

These variations are not considered defects but rather, a testament to the authenticity of solid bamboo. Growth marks and knots add character to each piece, making your Elite Eco 24 rack a truly unique addition to your home.

Colour Guidance (for reference only):

  • Natural Finish: Under typical home lighting, the Natural finish generally has a warm, "buttery" appearance.
  • Dark Finish: The Dark finish typically resembles a deep, rich chocolate tone.

Please remember, variations will still exist within these descriptions.

By understanding these natural variances, you can appreciate the inherent beauty of bamboo and its ability to create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for your home.



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