Eris2 Eco Leg Height Replacement Pack

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Atacama Eris2 Eco 5.0 HiFi Rack Leg Replacement Kit

Important Note: This leg kit is only compatible with the Eris2 Eco 5.0 HiFi Rack Modules released after 2020. It will not fit the previous Eris Eco 5.0 model.

How to Identify Your Eris Rack Model:

  • Eris2: Look for a silver colored bolt at the top of each leg.
  • Previous Model: Look for a black plastic insert at the top of each leg.

Product Features:

  • Replacement legs for Eris2 Eco 5.0 HiFi Rack Modules
  • Allows you to change leg height on existing shelf modules
  • Includes: Three outer tubes with lower spike retention inserts
  • Requires Reuse: All other components from your original shelf module

Height Information:

  • Listed heights represent the inner dimension with assembled legs.
  • Reconfiguring a 60mm base module as a shelf module reduces usable space:
    • Shelf above it takes away 40mm.
    • Usable height between shelves reduces from 60mm to 20mm.

Unsure about Compatibility?

  • Contact your original retailer or Atacama Sales for assistance.

Please note: Price is for three outer tubes only. Other components need to be reused from your existing shelf module.

Atacama Sales Team contact details: -

 Telephone: - Monday- Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm 01455 283251 (excluding Bank holidays).

Email: -


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