Evoque Eco Leg Height Replacement Pack

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Atacama Evoque Eco Leg Height Replacement Kit (Gloss Black)

Please Note: This leg replacement kit is only compatible with the following Atacama Evoque Eco models:

  • 60-40
  • 35-40
  • 110-40 HiFi/AV Racks

Not compatible with:

  • Evoque Special Edition
  • Design Edition
  • SE2
  • Custom versions

Product Features:

  • Replacement legs for compatible Atacama Evoque Eco HiFi/AV racks
  • Change leg height on existing shelf modules
  • Available leg heights (usable space after assembly):
    • Standard options (listed separately)
    • 300mm (new option)
  • Includes: Four outer tubes and four inner leg studs
  • Requires Reuse: All other components from your original shelf module

Important Information:

  • Listed heights represent the internal dimension with assembled legs.
  • Early production base modules (no black tube in leg assembly) require additional components. Contact Atacama Sales for guidance.
  • Unsure about compatibility? Contact your original retailer or Atacama Sales for assistance.

Price: Please note the price is for four outer tubes and four inner leg studs only. All other components need to be reused from your existing shelf module.

Atacama Sales Team contact details: -

 Telephone: - Monday- Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm 01455 283251 (excluding Bank holidays).

Email: - post@atacama-audio.co.uk

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