Moseco Speaker Stands "B" Grade (Pair)

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Price shown is for a “B” grade pair of Moseco 5 or Moseco 6 speaker stands with Satin Black poles and Natural finish bamboo base panels only. Other height and colour combinations are available at extra cost.

 We have a very small number of graded bamboo base panels with both Natural Bamboo and stained finish being available. The non-bamboo components (poles and top plates) of the speaker stands are “A” grade.

These graded base panels can be supplied in any of the Moseco height and colour combinations (see the standard Moseco product information pages under the “speaker Stands” menu).

For more information and to check availability on specific combinations of height and colour, please contact the Atacama Sales team on 01455 283251 before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE - The “B” Grade bamboo base panels will have some aesthetic issues and will not be supplied as a matched pair. Bamboo is a natural material so dark patches, knots in the wood structure and other cosmetic issues will be present.  

*The Gloss Black colour option only applies to the front tubes. The rear tubes will be supplies in the satin black finish.

Technical Specification

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