NeXXus 600 CM Speaker Stands (Pair)

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Looking for speaker stands that both perform and offer the convenience of ample cable management? Then the Atacama NeXXus CM range could be exactly what you are looking for!

Based on the NeXXus HiFi Audio speaker stand range and with height options of 520mm (20.47”) 620mm (24.4”), 720mm (28.3”) and 1020mm (40.15”), NeXXus CM features an upgraded rear 50.8mm (2”) tube with large, twin 34mm (1.34”) x 44mm (1.73”) oval cable management holes positioned either end.

As well as being able to accept 30mm (1.18”) diameter speaker cables, those with active speakers will have an opportunity to hide away most standard IEC power cords*, interconnects* and Wi-Fi cables*. 

Offering a higher mass loading capacity than NeXXus Essential specification, NeXXus CM speaker stands also feature a front oversized 76.2mm (3”) vertical tube designed to maximize the capacity for Atacama Atabites or similar inert material.


Standard Top plate (Width, Depth) 130mm (5.11”) x 170mm (6.69”)

Base Plate (Width, Depth) 260mm (10.2”) x 365mm (14.37”)

Weight capacity (per stand) 22.5kg (49.06 lbs)

Height options inclusive of spikes/ approximate maximum Atabite mass loading filler capacity: -

 NeXXus 500 CM, 520mm (20.47”) high version-      Atabite capacity 17.6kg (38.8 lbs) per pair,
 NeXXus 600 CM, 620mm (24.4”) high version-        Atabite capacity 21.25kg (48.8 lbs) per pair, 
 NeXXus 700 CM, 720mm (28.3”) high version-        Atabite capacity 24.87kg (54.8 lbs) per pair,
 NeXXus 1000 CM, 1020mm (40.15”) high version-  Atabite capacity 35.75kg (78.81lbs) per pair,

Optional Top Plate Packs (Purchase separately) **

Top plate pack dimensions (Width/Depth).
 Supplied in pairs.

 160mm x 220mm (6.29” x 8.66”) Top Plate Pack
 140mm x 210mm (5.5” x 8.26”) Top Plate Pack
 180mm x 150mm (7.08” x 5.9”) Top Plate Pack
 190mm x 305mm (7.48” x 12”) Top Plate Pack

Spike shoes- 2 x packs of Atacama HD-L spike shoes are recommended if the stands are being placed on a delicate floor covering.

Mass Loading Plate pack- This pack is compatible with NeXXus Series.

Gel Pads- NeXXus CM Specification are supplied with domed gel pads.

* Compatibility with the NeXXus cable management system is dependent on cable types, number of cables, thickness, and pliability of cables that are to be accommodated. Some larger bodied IEC connectors may need to be removed and refitted once the cable has been guided through the cable management tube. If in doubt, check with your speaker cable supplier or Atacama stockist for advice regarding suitability.

 **Note- The 130mm x 170mm top plate pack is included with Nexxus speaker stands as standard. If you require one of the upgraded top plate packs, we suggest that the unused top plates be repurposed by attaching them to the underneath of the base plates via the tube fastening bolts. This will increase the low-down mass of the stands, reduce base plate resonance, increased rigidity and will avoid the original top plates being misplaced should they be required later.

Atacama NeXXus series speaker stands are designed and manufactured in the UK.

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