NeXXus Top Plate Packs

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NeXXus Top Plate packs

Atacama offers a range of optional precision laser cut carbon steel top plate packs to fit the NeXXus series of speaker stands.

All top plates are supplied in pairs and are powder coated in our Satin Black finish. These top plate packs are generic, so can fit multiply brands and types of speakers. Just select the pack that best fits within the footprint (width/Depth) of the supported speaker cabinet dimensions. A set of 8 domed gel pads are supplied as standard.


(W/D) 130mm x 170mm Top Plate Pack. (Supplied as standard with All NeXXus speaker stands) *
NeXXus speaker stands are supplied with a set of the 130mm x 170mm top plates as standard. You may wish to “double stack” to improve dampening and load bearing weight capacity.

(W/D) 140mm x 210mm Top Plate Pack.
Designed for when needing to support compact but deep speakers, for example the ProAc D1 speaker and similar.

(W/D) 160mm x 220mm Top Plate Pack.
Our most popular NeXXus upgrade pack. Ideal for medium sized bookshelf speakers, for example KEF LS50, LS50 Meta, Elac Debut BS5.2, Dali Spektor 2 and many others.

(W/D) 180mm x 150mm Top Plate pack.
Uniquely wider than deeper, this top plate pack is perfect for compact BBC LS3/5a type speakers and similar. As examples, Falcon/ Rogers/ Stirling/ Graham LS3/5a, ProAc tablette10, Spendor 45 Classic and others. This pack is NOT suitable for NeXXus Pro Studio speaker stands.

(W/D) 190mm x 305mm Top Plate pack.
This large top plate pack maximises the NeXXus capacity, allowing speakers Like the Kef R3 to be properly supported.

*Note- The 130mm x 170mm top plate pack is always included with NeXXus speaker stands.

 If you have selected one of the upgraded top plate packs, it is suggested that the unused 130mm x 170mm top plates be re-purposed by attached them to the underneath of the base plates via the tube fastening bolts. This will increase the low-down mass of the stands, reduce base plate ringing, and will avoid the original top plates being misplaced should they be needed later.

Made in the UK.

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