Atacama Pro Studio 240-330 (Pair) Speaker stands, Ideal for ATC SCM20 ASL PRO speakers or similar

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Atacama Pro Studio 240-330 (Pair) Speaker stands

Please Note- these speaker stands are for professional use and are not available through the Atacama dealer network. Pro Studio speaker stands are made to order so can be tailored to your specific needs if required as a cost option. 

Top plate size Width 240mm x Depth 330mm, Height for this pricing example, (floor to top of top plate) would be approximately 1020mm*

These stands can be rotated 90 degrees, so the width becomes the depth and the depth becomes the width.

Perfect for ATC SCM20ASL PRO with a cabinet size of Height 450mm, Width 250mm, Depth 343mm and other similar sized monitor speakers.

*Price quoted is for a pair of stands approximately 1020mm in height . If a specific height is required, please contact the Atacama sales team for availability and price details by calling 01455 283251.

These stands feature Laser cut 3mm carbon steel top and base panels with 4 steel 2inch diameter supporting tubes.

4 Adjustable M8 BZP spikes are fitted to the underside of each base panel.

Satin Black (powder coated) paint is the standard finish. White is also available as a cost option. Contact the Atacama sales team for details.

 8 x High Density Top Plate Gel pads are  included (4 per stand).

 As these stands are on Spikes, two packs of Atacama HD-L spikes shoes are available as a cost option to protect delicate floor coverings. See separate listing under "Accessories".

It is highly recommended to part mass fill the vertical tubes to avoid ringing and aid stability.

6-8 tubs of Atacama Atabites per pair at this height option should be considered as the minimum amount required. The actual desired number of tubs required will depend on room acoustics, equipment being used, cabling etc.

For more details on Atabites and mass filling speaker stands, see the Atabites product listing in the accessories section.


Top plate Dimensions: - Width 240mm x Depth 330mm x 3mm thick steel plate. This stand can be rotated 90 degrees, so the width/ depth dimensions are reversed. 

 Base panel Dimensions: - Width 350mm x Depth 500mm x steel plate thickness 3mm-. 4 welded inserts (one in each corner) welded to the underneath of the base plate to accept 8mm adjustable spikes with acorn locknuts visible on the top of the base panel .This stand can be rotated 90 degrees, so the width/ depth dimensions are reversed. 

 Overall height for this pricing example, from floor to top of top plate (excluding gel pads) is approximately 1020mm.

Height is achieved by using four carbon steel 2” (50.6mm) round tubes incorporating hand welded steel inserts at each end to accept 8mm fixing bolts.

 Powder coated, Satin Black paint finish as standard (White available as a cost option).

Spikes and assembly fittings included.

Generic instructions will be supplied. (Pictures used in the instructions will be of a similar stand)

Atacama badging included.

Ad-hoc Packaging- please note that due to the specialist nature of these stands, the boxes used will be an amalgam of existing materials available to us.

 *Custom heights can be catered for as a cost option. Contact the Atacama sales team for details and a quotation.

Specialist studio/ professional installation Trade enquiries welcome. (Contact details below)

Due to the specialist nature of these stands, allow approximately 20 working days for manufacturing.

Pro Studio speaker stands can be shipped outside of the UK but cannot be ordered online. Contact the Atacama sales team (0) 1455 2832521 or email for details and a quotation.

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