M8 (8mm) Evoque SE/ SE2 Base module Spike Assembly (4 Pack)

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Pack of 4 base module spike assemblies. (As used on Evoque Eco 60-40 SE and SE2 HiFi racks).

Evoque Eco spike assemblies as used on the Base Module for Evoque Eco 60-40 SE and SE2 racks. These are not required for additional shelf modules placed above the base module.

SE type has a brass/ nickel plated "cone" spike.

SE2 type has a longer mechanically tuned brass spike. 

These can also be retrofitted to any Atacama hifi rack base module currently using our standard BZP M8 8mm spike on its base module shelf. 

If you are looking to change a Evoque Eco 60-40 SE/SE2 shelf module into a base module, you will also require the 70mm (SE) or 75mm (SE2) leg height replacement pack.

Overall height including leg insertion thread  (SE Type) 45mm, (SE2 Type) 50mm
Thread type M8 , 8mm
Max. Width 25mm

Locking nuts included:- SE type 1 per assembly, SE2 type 2 per assembly

Note:- if placing the fully assembled base module on a delicate floor covering, to avoid marking the surface we recommend using a set of 4 Atacama HD-L spike shoes

Made in the UK.

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